3 Furnace Noises That Call for Heating System Repair

3 Furnace Noises That Call for Heating System Repair

Furnace Noises for Heating System RepairHave you been paying close attention to the sounds that your furnace makes when it turns on? Keeping your residential heating working well means you must stay alert to unusual sounds that your furnace makes. Odd sounds usually indicate a problem. Listen for the following furnace noises that find out if you need heating repair from Pittsburgh, PA, HVAC technicians.

Loud Noises during Startup

Furnaces make noises when they start up, but these noises shouldn't sound like loud bangs. If your gas furnace makes this noise, it's a good indication that the burner needs a good cleaning. Dirty burners make it hard for the gas to light the burners immediately. Gas accumulates and when the burners finally ignite, the excessive amount of gas collected on the burner is what makes that banging sound.

Don't try to clean the burners yourself. It's a sensitive job that requires the assistance of a qualified and licensed heating repair contractor in Pittsburgh, PA. Contact a professional right away because allowing the problem to continue could result in major damage that requires furnace replacement.

Knocking or Clanging Sounds

These sounds that happen upon startup indicate that the pipe and ductwork in your home is expanding in response to the heat. It's not unusual to hear these sounds for a moment or two. However, if the sounds continue as the furnace runs, this is a problem. It's a problem because it means you have loose parts either in the motor or the blower assembly. Neither one of these scenarios bodes well for your furnace. Contact a heating repair company in Pittsburgh, PA, to come out and inspect the furnace. They should have the parts on their truck needed to make the repair or replacement the same day.


Emergency Furnace Repair Service Pittsburgh, PAThis loud sound is especially startling and disconcerting. The reason for screeching is because a belt has come loose. There is a special belt that connects the fan to the motor and when this belt is cracked, or it slips, you hear that annoying screeching sound.

Another reason for screeching is a dry motor bearing. Sometimes, this bearing needs to be lubricated or re-positioned. Like with most furnace repairs, don't try to do this one on your own. Instead, contact a heating repair service in Pittsburgh, PA, to do it for you.

Heating Unit Repair in Pittsburgh, PA

Don't wait for these noises to suddenly stop. If they do, it's highly likely that your furnace has stopped running, too. Homeowners who stay alert for unusual sounds save money and avoid untimely replacement.

One way to prevent emergency furnace repair service is to invest in HVAC preventive maintenance from a furnace repair service. Yearly maintenance helps identify potential problems and allows you the opportunity to make inexpensive repairs. It also prevents your furnace from dying on a cold winter's night.

If you're experiencing problems, take action now. Get on the phone and find a reliable, local company for heating repair in Pittsburg, PA. Addressing problems early and quickly always saves you money.