5 Reasons to Schedule a Regular AC Tune-Up

5 Reasons to Schedule a Regular AC Tune-Up

AC RepairAccording to the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy, half of a home's energy consumption is cooling and heating. This means that heating and air conditioning systems are always in regular use. Therefore, there is so much straining on this equipment. It is advisable to schedule regular appointments for tune-ups and maintenance to ensure that your systems are running smoothly and efficiently. Stahl Plumbing highlights 5 benefits of doing regular AC tune-ups.

Keeping Your Warranty Intact

Most air conditioners come with an extensive manufacturer's warranty, which covers the AC in case anything goes wrong. Such warranties are very important and can save you a lot of money and stress if the AC develops a problem. However, for the warrant to be viable, most manufacturers will require the owner to schedule regular annual tune-ups from a professional AC repair contractor. The maintenance costs are nothing compared to the peace of mind you will have for years knowing that your warranty is still intact.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Factors

Regular AC tune-ups allow you to save money on having to replace your AC earlier than the lifespan of the AC and on your electricity bill. Not only that, an energy-efficient AC helps the environment. You can catch minor issues and fix them before they become a bigger problem that causes your AC to use more power to operate efficiently.

Improved System Performance

Regular AC services will ensure that your air conditioner is working well to give consistent cooling all around your home. If you are experiencing hotspots or places with little or no air, then you should call in AC repair contractors to clean up the system and ensure all the parts are working. Apart from achieving consistent cooling, regular tune-ups will also prevent incidents of unexpected loss of cooling especially in the hot months of summer.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Local AC Repair in Pittsburgh, PAIt is important to be mindful of the air you breathe in your house. The AC may be filled with dust and other pollutants that the filter doesn't stop, because it is probably old and dirty. This may be triggering allergic reactions and other sicknesses. Local air conditioning repair and regular tune-ups are the best way of ensuring the AC is in perfect condition to maintain the quality of the air indoors.

Fewer Repairs and Extended Life of the Unit

An AC can last for many years, if you maintain it. Maintaining your AC and doing regular tune-ups prevents major issues later on. Don't wait for your AC to die when you can fix the problem sooner and prevent having to spend extra money on an AC replacement.

There are more than enough reasons why you should do regular maintenance of your air conditioner. Don't let heat beat you this summer, contact Stahl Plumbing for your local AC repair in Pittsburgh, PA.