A Guide to Descaling Your Water Heater

A Guide to Descaling Your Water Heater

Descaling Your Water Heater


Descaling your water heater is a maintenance task that helps your water heater work better for longer. The descaling process gets rid of hard water deposits and can prevent burner problems and corrosion. It’s a relatively easy task for homeowners to complete. Here is a quick overview of how to descale the average residential water heater: 

  • Disconnect the power to the water heater
  • Turn off all the water to the appliance
  • Open all faucets in the house to release the water
  • Drain the water heater using a garden hose
  • Remove the heating element (Note: Not all water heaters have a heating element. Refer to your owner’s manual for the location of the component, if applicable)
  • Avoid chemical cleaners except those recommended by your plumber
  • Use a natural cleaning mixture of 1 part vinegar and 1 part water 
  • Use a scrub brush and the cleaning mixture to scour the inside of the tank
  • Rinse the water heater by refilling it and then letting it drain again
  • Rinse and repeat as often as needed until you don’t have any hard water particles present in the tank

Although descaling a water heater is something most homeowners can do, at Stahl Plumbing, we recommend professional water heater maintenance services. These services performed by our licensed plumbers ensure the job is done correctly and that there isn’t any damage done to your water heater. Water heater replacement isn’t cheap, and we don’t want you to have to endure this expense if it’s not necessary. 

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