A Guide to Estimating Your Plumbing Costs

A Guide to Estimating Your Plumbing Costs

2020 Plumbing Cost Estimates, Pittsburgh, PAMost homeowners have a long list of repairs and alterations that they need to make, and that list will often grow faster than the repairs are done. However, plumbing is one of those issues that you don't want to ignore for too long, since leaks and other problems can grow and get worse over time. If you need plumbing repair in Pittsburgh, PA, then you'll probably want some idea of how much it'll cost you so that you can budget accordingly. Costs will vary by company, but there are a few factors that you should take into consideration to help with your estimation.

Square Footage

Just like with any other project, the more work and materials you need, the more it'll cost. In this case, the main measurement determining cost concerns the square footage of the construction area. These days in the United States, the average cost of plumbing per square foot is about $4.50, according to HomeAdvisor, but it can fluctuate slightly. Before you call a plumbing service company in Pittsburgh, PA, you should get a rough measurement, so that you get an idea of how much space you're working with.


When you're thinking about the construction space, make sure you not only consider the horizontal square footage but that you also take into account the vertical aspect. Plumbing services in Pittsburgh, PA, will be cheaper if they're all on the same floor. When you're working with multiple stories, it takes extra work, and that means there's an extra cost.


Your cost will also vary based on the materials that you're using, both in their size and what they're made of. For instance, depending on the type of work needed, you might need a 3-inch pipe, which can give you more renovation options, or a 2-inch pipe, which is cheaper. Pipes can also be made of a number of things, with PVC piping generally being one of the most cost-effective materials.

Plumbing Repair Costs in Pittsburgh, PAExtra Work

Plumbing repair costs in Pittsburgh, PA, can also go up if the crew needs to do extra work. For instance, if they have to run lines out of the home and do any excavation work, they would need to rent heavy equipment and probably hire workers to run it too. Inside the home, plumbers may charge extra if they have to clean or protect the home in any way. If you're already equipped to handle dirt and debris on your own, you can avoid some of these additional fees. It helps to talk to your plumbers ahead of time to find out what you can do so that you don't get hit with any unexpected charges. If you want more information about plumbing services in Pittsburgh, PA, or are ready for an estimate, call your local plumbers at Stahl Plumbing today.