Air Conditioning Maintenance: 3 Tips for Spring

Air Conditioning Maintenance: 3 Tips for Spring

Reliable AC Repair in Pittsburgh, PAHave you scheduled your air conditioning maintenance services with your local AC repair contractor in Pittsburgh, PA? If not, you need to get on that task as soon as possible. Even if you didn't have any problems with your air conditioner last year, it doesn't mean everything is clear to go this spring. Small problems you don't even know about can affect your air conditioning's performance and end up requiring an emergency service call when the temperatures start to rise. Check out these 3 maintenance tasks to get your air conditioner ready for the summer.

Turn Your System on before You Need It

It's common for people to leave their air conditioners off until the first warm day arrives, and they need to cool down the house. Waiting to turn your air conditioner on until this time doesn't do you any favors if something is broken. Turning your AC on early in the season helps you identify any potential issues you may have. Finding problems early means you won't feel rushed or stressed to find affordable AC services. You also won't be uncomfortable in your home because of rising temperatures.

Clean Up the Outside Unit

Over the winter, it's not unusual for debris, dust, leaves, and animal nests to collect in the outside condenser unit. This is an essential part of your home's air conditioning system. Yet, many people forget that it needs as much attention as the inside unit. In fact, because it's exposed to the outside elements 24/7, it's arguable that it needs more attention. Some people cover their outside condenser unit during the winter to keep squirrels and mice from building nests or other debris from collecting. If you're not in the habit of doing this, consider doing so next winter.

In the meantime, before you turn your air conditioner on for the first time, hook up the garden hose and rinse off the unit. Remove any obvious debris. Repeat this task throughout the spring and summer seasons as part of your weekly lawn care routine to keep the unit clean. Also, inspect the unit for any damage. If fans are broken or anything else seems out of place, contact your local AC repair contractors to come out and take a look at the problem.

AC Repair ContractorsMake Any Necessary Repairs

Most people don't know if their air conditioning units need repairs until something doesn't work right. Why not get ahead of this problem? Contact your local ac repair company in Pittsburgh, PA, to come out and inspect your air conditioning unit. If they note any problems during the inspection, have these issues fixed so you don't need emergency repair 2 or 3 months down the line.

For reliable AC repair in Pittsburgh, PA, contact Stahl Plumbing and schedule spring maintenance service.