Bathroom Renovation: Fixtures To Consider

Bathroom Renovation: Fixtures To Consider

The new year has brought with it renewed goals for our lifestyles and our homes.Thanks to the ever-evolving technology and comfort behind modern fixtures, bathroom renovation is one of the first things that many homeowners address when redesigning their homes.

If you are considering remodeling your own bathroom, plan ahead for the components that you would like to use. Personal preference and pragmatism should both be heavy influences in the type of bathroom fixtures you choose to install.

Sink Faucets and Basins

Although you may take the technology behind your sink's faucet at face value, there have been tremendous leaps forward to lower costs and simplify homeowners' lives. Most faucets are designed for maximum water conservation so that consumers can save money on their water bills and help the environment. Many even offer integrated ceramic disks that help to prevent leaks. When you choose to install your new faucet or sink, make sure you call the experts at Stahl Plumbing. We can install or repair any type of faucet, including wall-mounted ones.

Shower and Bathtub

There are a number of different shower heads to choose from, depending on the result you hope to achieve. Dual shower heads are a great choice for master bathrooms as they allow more than one person to enjoy a steady flow of soothing water at a time. Or, you may choose to eschew traditional wall-mounted shower heads in favor of hand-held ones. Aside from their mobile convenience, hand-held shower heads usually offer a number of settings from a light mist to a powerful jet spray.

The Toilet

Once you start shopping for a new toilet, you may be surprised at how many choices there are in terms of color, style and function. Make sure you think about who will be using the toilet the most. If your household is full of adults, particularly aging ones, taller toilets are typically more comfortable. Obviously, the taller the toilet, the harder it is to access for children, so standard-height toilets are best for growing families. One-piece toilets offer a sleek appearance with fewer potential leak points, but they can be more costly to repair and maintain.

Contact Stahl Plumbing to install and repair your new faucets, shower head and toilet for your renovated bathrooms. Our expert team of plumbers can handle any type of repair, no matter how small or large.