Benefits of High Efficiency Furnaced

Benefits of High Efficiency Furnaced

High efficiency furnaces consume 30 percent less fuel than older, less efficient models. These units offer efficiencies of up to 95 or even higher. However, most homes have heating systems that are operating at only 75 percent efficiency. If you are planning to replace your furnace in the near future, consider upgrading to a high efficiency model.


Regardless of the type of fuel your furnace uses, energy costs are on the rise. By switching to a high efficiency furnace, you can greatly reduce your annual energy costs. Because your furnace will be using less energy, upgrading will also lessen your home’s negative impact on the surrounding environment. Furthermore, high efficiency units are less noisy and tend to heat homes more evenly than their predecessors. When maintained with regular maintenance and cleanings, these units can operate at peak efficiency.

Installing a System

Many different brands and models of high efficiency furnaces are available to Pittsburgh residents. When you are ready to upgrade the heating system in your home, contact Pittsburgh plumbing company Stahl Plumbing to learn more about your options. Stahl Plumbing can assess your current unit’s efficiency and offer advice about the best way to move forward. Call Stahl Plumbing today to get started.