Faucets: Types and Most Efficient

Faucets: Types and Most Efficient

When you're trying to find the perfect faucet for your needs, the number of options available can seem endless, especially when you're replacing an old favorite that has reached end-of-life or is leaking. But choosing the right faucet can be much easier than you might expect. Here are the three types of faucet controls, how they affect economic water use and what other functions you may want to consider.

Types of Faucet Controls

There are three different types of faucet control available for your sink, each of which will affect how long the water runs and how much water is used.

  • Automatic. An automatic faucet detects motion using an infrared sensor. These faucets typically have a predetermined water mix, so adjusting temperature can be a pain. While it's one of the least wasteful faucet controls, figuring out the "sweet spot" for turning the faucet on can be frustrating for some users. It's also the ultimate in preventing the spread of germs—if there's nothing to touch, there's no transfer of germs.
  • Manual. A manual control is the opposite of an automatic control. It lets you quickly and easily change the water temperature, but it leaves the water running, wasting it. The required interaction with the control almost guarantees that germs will transfer.
  • Touch Sensor. A touch sensor is the best of both worlds — it provides better water efficiency without the frustration of finding a sensor's "sweet spot" and allows the water temperature to be adjusted easily. Though there is some germ transfer, it's not nearly as much as you might see on a manual faucet control.

Other Features

Deciding which faucet to select goes far beyond how it is controlled. Spray functions can provide flexibility for a kitchen sink, allowing you to change the angle of water pressure to where it's needed. If you need hands-free temperature controls, you might consider a foot-controlled faucet. There are many features available to meet your needs.

Now that you've had the opportunity to review different styles of faucets, why not look at replacing your old, possibly inefficient faucet? Whatever your choice is, you'll enjoy better performance and water efficiency in no time. Contact us today for more details on how Stahl Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can help upgrade your home.