Furnace vs Heat Pump: Know Your Needs

Furnace vs Heat Pump: Know Your Needs

Furnace vs Heat Pump - Which One is Better for Your Home

Heat pumps and furnaces are both great heating appliances, but which one is right for your home? These are the top pros and cons of each option. Read on for help making the best selection.

Furnaces are gas-powered appliances that burn fuel to create heat. Heat pumps, meanwhile, are electric-powered appliances that extract warm air from the outdoors and release it into your home.

Both furnaces and heat pumps can be connected to air duct systems for central heating, but heat pumps have the advantage of providing both heating and cooling capabilities.

Heat pumps are often more energy-efficient than furnaces, but furnaces are more effective in heating during very cold weather. Furnaces do carry a risk of releasing dangerous gases, but if they’re well-maintained, they’re safe to use.

Gas furnaces often last longer than heat pumps but can be more expensive to install than a heat pump. Overall, heat pumps are ideal for most homes, except for those that have very intense winters — for the latter, a furnace is the better option.

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