Getting to Know the Basics: Tips from Pittsburgh, PA Plumbers

Getting to Know the Basics: Tips from Pittsburgh, PA Plumbers

We all know that before we visit another country, it is best to learn the basics of the language. It helps us to get around. It keeps us from feeling helpless. This is just as true for any kind of home repair or modification, especially when it comes to plumbing. Just because a professional is handling the plumbing job for your Pittsburgh address doesn’t mean that you won’t benefit from an understanding of the basics of plumbing. Understanding a few fundamentals of plumbing and the nature of plumbing systems could make any interaction you have with a plumbing professional in Pittsburgh much more productive, and you won’t have to feel left in the dark while your plumber goes to work. You will feel more confident in any repair that Stahl Plumbing’s Pittsburgh team does if you have an idea of what is happening and how it affects the water in your home.

Did you know that plumbing has been a part of civilization for over 8,000 years? The first plumbing systems were troughs and pipes that were made of clay and straw, the only malleable materials available at the time. Since then, plumbing has evolved substantially into a complex network of metal pipes that regulate the flow of water into and out of your home. In a way, plumbing is like the circulatory system of your Pittsburgh home. The pipes are like veins that carry water, the lifeblood of your home, into and out of your kitchen, bathroom, backyard, or pool.

The water supply system brings cold water into your home, and this water is piped in through a main supply line from a well, spring, or other water supply depending upon your location. Once the water has entered the plumbing system of your Pittsburgh home, a portion of the water gets diverted to the water heater. The cold water from your water source and the hot water made in the water heater then travel through an intricate network of plumbing pipes in your Pittsburgh residence. The flow of water through this plumbing system is regulated by a series of valves that open and close to control the passage of water.

Every time you use the plumbing in your Pittsburgh residence to access or dispose of water, you are tapping into an extremely intricate system of “on and off” switches (the valves) that affect a complex network of paths for the water in your home.

Understanding how plumbing works for your home in Pittsburgh will help you to better relate to what a plumber does and how plumbers think. If you and your plumber can understand one another, the results of a professional plumbing job for your Pittsburgh plumbing system will be that much more satisfying. Stahl Plumbing wants you to know this, because keeping you informed keeps you comfortable, and keeping you comfortable is what we do.