Getting Your Furnace Ready for Winter

Getting Your Furnace Ready for Winter

Your furnace works the hardest during the cold winter months, when temperatures outside need to be kept at bay. Winter can come upon you suddenly, and you turn the thermostat up to keep your family comfortable. The last thing you need to find out at that particular moment is that your furnace isn't up to the job and you need emergency heating services. Getting your furnace ready for winter is an essential task that you should start before you actually need to use it. It's a combination of homeowner diligence and professional help.Service Man Inspects Furnace

Change Your Furnace Filter

Your furnace is going to need to work as efficiently as possible during the winter months. One thing that you should do right now is to change your furnace filter. In fact, while you're at it, stock up on filters so you have enough to easily change your furnace filter once a month. Not all furnaces have filters. If you have a question about your furnace filter or where to locate it, please contact us. We'll be glad to help.

Clean the Area Around Your Furnace

Before winter, give the area around your furnace a good cleaning. This won't be a pleasant task, since there may be dust and grime to clear away. However, it's worth doing because if a problem does occur with the furnace over the winter, your furnace repairman in Pittsburgh will be better able to pinpoint issues if new oil or smoke debris is present. You'll be able to confirm that the symptoms are new, and not just left over from years earlier.

Get Ducts and Vents Cleaned

The air that blows through your vents and ducts isn't always perfectly clean. Over time, dust and debris can build up on the lining of the ductwork. This not only introduces allergens and other airborne particles into your home. It also narrows the pathway of the air flow, preventing your furnace from operating at maximum efficiency. Contact an HVAC professional like Stahl Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning in Pittsburgh to come and clean the ducts and vents for you.

Although you don't want to have to get emergency heating repairs in Pittsburgh, if necessary, you can get 24-hour emergency appointments to take care of your furnace heating services. Contact us today for preventative and maintenance heating service you can rely on for your home.