“Green” Drain Cleaners: Do They Work as Well?

“Green” Drain Cleaners: Do They Work as Well?

With the popularity of sustainability and green living, there has been a variety of products entering the market that tout the earth-friendliness of the compounds used. But do these products work effectively? What situations can they be best in and when is it time to start Googling Pittsburgh plumbers? Here's the whole story on green drain cleaners.

Do "Green" Drain Cleaners Work as Well?

Type of Issue
Drain Cleaners

When you've got a completely stuck clog that you just can't get to budge, it's often much faster and more effective to use a conventional drain cleaning product, because they sit right at the clog and chemically shred it apart. On the other hand, if you're looking at a slow drain, you may have a good application for the enzymes and bacteria used in green drain cleaners to provide a gentler solution.

Time Involved

There's a good reason many conventional drain-clearing products come with a child-proof cap and with a warning label the size of Texas — they have strong chemicals in them that act quickly to fix the problem. Green drain cleaners, on the other hand, take much longer — often several hours — before it can really clear up the problem. Green drain cleaners are also recommended for use on a regular basis, either weekly or monthly, to maintain your clear lines.

Safety of Use

Conventional drain cleaners are often either strongly basic or acidic, quickly causing severe chemical burns, and should always be used following the directions right down to the letter. Though green drain cleaners are safer to use in most situations, it doesn't mean you should keep them next to the fruit juice. Some green drain cleaners incorporate lye, which turns the oil, fat and grease holding the clog together into soap and washing it away — but it will happily do the same thing to your skin, so make sure you follow label directions exactly.


Another area of concern is availability. Many green drain cleaners are only available at specific stores or online, leaving you with a limited selection that may or may not meet your current needs. Conventional drain cleaners, on the other hand, are available in virtually every grocery store, superstore or hardware store you come across, often in a wide range of formulations to meet all your drain-cleaning needs.

Now that you know a little more about green drain cleaners, you can best apply them to your situation. If you find that you require more than a green cleaner will provide or aren't comfortable with the process, please contact us. We're the 24 hour Pittsburgh plumber that provides the highest quality customer care.