Guide to Handling a Leaking Toilet

Visible toilet leaks are easy to notice, and most can be repaired with items purchased at the local hardware store. One of the most common places for a toilet to develop leaks is around the base. First, tighten the bolts that secure the toilet to the floor to see if this stops the leak. If the water continues to pool around the base after tightening the bolts, it means the wax seal between the bottom of the toilet and the floor needs replacing. Unbolt and remove the toilet from the floor to replace the wax seal. Because this can be a difficult job, some people prefer to call a plumber to handle wax seal replacement.

Another cause for a leaky toilet may be due to a worn-out fill valve, the plastic column inside the tank that’s connected to the float. Or, the leak could be blamed on a faulty flapper, the plug that falls against the drain hole inside the tank, at the bottom. These parts come in a package at the hardware store. Replacing the faulty parts should remedy toilet leaks occurring inside the tank.

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