Home Plumbing Checklist for the Summer

Home plumbing is complex, and in the summertime, certain factors can affect performance or even cause expensive problems, such as leaks. Save yourself some sweat in the future and make sure you get through these important plumbing tasks this summer.

  1. Clean Fixtures: Mold and mildew are more aggressive in the summertime. Clean your faucets, showerheads, sinks, bathtubs, and other fixtures frequently with a mold-fighting solution.
  2. Clear Out Clogs: Summertime is vacation time for most children, which means your home drains are going to get plenty more use. Hire a plumber to clear out your drains safely – without the damaging chemicals found in store-bought drain cleaners.
  3. Garbage Disposal Inspection: Summer heat and humidity can make mold problems worse. Make sure your garbage disposal is clear of food residue sludge and other messes. A plumber can safely clean out the disposal and reassemble it.
  4. Sewer Line Check: Weeds and other tough roots work harder in the summer and may seek out the moisture in your sewer line. A plumber should inspect your sewer line for cracks, buildup, and other damage to ensure good drainage.
  5. Washing Machine Tune-Up: Hot, sweaty temperatures mean that you’ll be going through clothes, sheets, and towels more often. Have a plumber inspect and tune-up your washing machine. Preventative maintenance can help you avoid an expensive and inconvenient breakdown.

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