Is a Tankless Water Heating System Right For You?

Is a Tankless Water Heating System Right For You?

Tankless water heater installation is one of the biggest plumbing upgrades available for a home. Although the cost is considerable, the long-term benefits of switching to a tankless system can make this a worthwhile investment for many home owners. Whether you need to replace a damaged or outdated water heater, or are just considering a change - if you're thinking about taking this step in your own home, here are some factors to consider.

Energy Efficiency

Increased energy efficiency is the greatest argument in favor of upgrading water-heating systems to tankless design. As resource conservation becomes increasingly important, we must reconsider our usage habits and the impact of our ecological footprint. However, changing the way we use energy isn't always easy-and it isn't always enough. Utilizing more efficient technology helps shift some of this blame, and offset our energy use.

Lowered Operating Costs

An added benefit to using less energy is reducing the associated cost. Less energy means lowered monthly operational costs. Consider how these monthly savings add up in the long run — and, that in the case of a tankless system, the long run can be very long!

Longer Life

Tankless systems are designed to last a lifetime. In many cases, 20 years or more! Although the initial investment in a tankless system may be greater than a traditional water heater, there are long-term savings associated with energy-conservation, and reduced replacement costs that might be incurred with a traditional system — not to mention the inconvenience of recurring breakdowns!

Greater Space

The smaller size of a tankless water heater (most are under 20-28″) makes these a great option for smaller spaces. In a laundry room or basement where square inches are at a premium, this valuable space could be translated into a folding station, or much-needed additional storage.

As always, when considering the many professional plumbers Pittsburgh has to offer, remember to verify that your plumber is properly licensed and insured.