Is Your Toilet In Need of New Supply Lines?

Is Your Toilet In Need of New Supply Lines?

When it comes to toilets, we typically expect problems with clogs in the drain lines or issues with leaks between the tank and the bowl that causes it to run intermittently or continuously. But Pittsburgh plumbers can tell you that supply lines can also cause problems whether it's because they've been damaged or are simply aging. Here are some basic signs that your supply line needs to be updated and what kind of supply line may work better for your situation.

Replacing Toilet Lines: Does Your Toilet Need an Update?

Leaky connections

Sometimes the connection between the toilet and the supply line will leak. You can try tightening up the nut, but be very careful if you use a wrench to tighten it, as applying too much pressure can crack or break the tank itself. If tightening doesn't help, you can try removing the supply line and see what shape the gasket inside is in. The gasket is what forms the seal between the supply line and the tank and is typically a rubbery ring on the inside of the nut. If it is missing, broken or damaged, simply replacing that part may fix the problem.

Damaged lines

If the supply line has been damaged, either during installation or from, for example, your new puppy chewing Replacing Toilet Water Supply Lineson it, it will require replacement. If the damage was from something that could happen again, you may want to upgrade to a better quality line, such as a stainless-steel or copper line that will hold up better to abuse.

Blockage in the line

Though we expect our home's water supply to be clear water, the simple fact is that any number of materials go through a water system. Because supply lines tend to be smaller than other water lines in the home, items that can pass through the other lines can block or create a blockage of a supply line. Turn off your water supply and remove the bottom end of the line and check for material trapped at the beginning of the line.

These problems are usually easily fixed by replacing the supply line with one that is right for your situation. If you're not comfortable changing out your own supply line or don't have the time, a professional Pittsburgh plumbing company is a great way to get the work done. Stahl Plumbing provides quality 24/7 emergency services, just contact us to get your plumbing problems fixed.