Pittsburgh, PA Plumbers Maintain Your AC for Efficient Long-Life Operation

Pittsburgh, PA Plumbers Maintain Your AC for Efficient Long-Life Operation

Do you know how hard your cooling system works during hot weather? When temperatures are elevated and the humidity is way up for extended periods, it is possible that your air conditioner's workload is the equivalent of a car driven 100,000 miles in just one year. Maintenance is the primary factor in your equipment lasting for a long time.

Your air conditioning system is the most expensive appliance in your home. In Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, Stahl Plumbing is the go-to Pittsburgh plumbers company for routine periodic maintenance and repairs of residential and business air conditioning systems.

AC Maintenance

Smart property owners arrange to have their air conditioning units inspected at the end of each cooling season and at the beginning of the new cooling season. Many owners have Stahl Plumbing winterize their system with custom covers for the outdoor units. Stahl Plumbing's expert service technicians also inspect the system for broken or loose parts and put them in good working order. The preseason inspection may include a coil cleaning and removal of leaves, twigs and other debris that may have blown into the system during a winter storm. The service technician also inspects wiring and hoses for any breaks or punctures that occurred from nesting animals or fluctuating temperatures.

Once a year the thermostat is checked and all interior parts inspected, adjusted, or replaced if needed. The owner should change filters every thirty days during cooling season.

Repair or Replace

Since air conditioning systems are mechanical devices, they will ultimately wear out. Stahl Plumbing offers the following tips to help you decide when to replace your AC unit. If any of the following describe your situation, contact Stahl Plumbing, your clear choice for plumbing in Pittsburgh for a free quote on a new, highly efficient, money saving air conditioning system.

  • Your present equipment has been in use for ten years or more
  • Your unit has seen a spike in service calls
  • Cooling is uneven - every room is at a different temperature
  • Your utility bills are increasing during cooling season more than usual
  • Your interior has a very high humidity

Call Stahl Plumbing now. We will help you evaluate the best course of action. New units can save you a good deal on utility bills and there may be rebate available technologies. The experts at Stahl Plumbing can give you more information. Call now at 412-273-1000.