Pittsburgh Plumbers Tips For Avoiding Double Sink Disasters

Pittsburgh Plumbers Tips For Avoiding Double Sink Disasters

Let Pittsburgh Plumbers Keep You From Experiencing a Double Sink Disaster in the Bathroom

Many a “do-it-yourselfer” sets out to install new plumbing in their house only to end up wishing they had called the professionals at the beginning. If you have high ambitions and insist on doing the job yourself, recognizing when to call a professional plumber could save hours and money from being washed down the drain. Unforeseen plumbing issues are just what Pittsburgh plumbers want to help homeowners with to help streamline the process and avoid unnecessary headaches! Have you been wondering why your new double sinks might be backing up or draining slowly? This and other similar plumbing questions about double sink installation may make you think twice about performing the installation by yourself.

What Do I Have to Think About With Installing a Double Sink in my Bathroom?

Installing double sinks has its own unique set of possible plumbing problems. Pittsburgh plumbers often get calls reporting one sink backing up without more than a day of use or their toilet suddenly not working properly.

You can avoid these issues by:

  • Understanding your toilet and current sink may share the same pipeline. A new, dedicated pipe may need to be installed to secure double sink functionality.
  • Considering sink spacing. Homeowners often run into new sinks backing up because they are placed far apart and don’t have a dedicated piping source which causes gurgling and back up issues.

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