Plumbers Pittsburgh Kept Busy With Preventable Clogs

Plumbers Pittsburgh Kept Busy With Preventable Clogs

Clogged pipes are a growing problem throughout the country. These problem pipes are keeping the plumbers Pittsburgh busy. What are the major causes of these clogs?

It may help to view your plumbing system like your circulatory system. Like your arteries, your plumbing can get clogged by poor circulation, and by years of putting the wrong things through it. Clogged drains are a particular problem. Symptoms of clogged drains are relatively easy to spot. They include slow draining sinks, water under the traps, and toilets that begin to gurgle when flushed.

Here are some of the top causes of clogged drains in homes.

Hair –Drain pipes were not designed to handle long strands of hair. Over time these strands accumulate with each other and begin to act as a screen that catches other debris. Eventually this nest of hair is going to cause problems. Avoid the temptation to simply rinse hair down the drain. Instead, remove it from the shower or sink and dispose of it in the trash.

Grease –It is common in many homes to rinse grease, even heavy grease, down the kitchen drain. Many believe that running hot water will flush the grease out. The reality is that grease likely has a long way to travel and will cool long before is completely exits your homes plumbing. Scrap heavy grease into a used tin or jar and dispose in the trash.

Paper –The only type of paper your drains are made for is toilet paper. Companies are even promoting diapers that are supposedly “safe for flushing”. Don’t believe it. Because sanitary napkins cause problems for drains, imagine what a baby’s paper diaper could do. If it is not toilet paper, don’t flush it.

Corrosion –Corrosion over time will cause a drain pipe to eventually collapse and restrict drainage. Corrosion can be due to age, use of hard water, water that is too salty, sand, dirt, or rust that gets clogged and corroded due to chemicals.

Many drainage problems can be cured with a simple plunger. Long term however, like your arteries, you need to change what you are putting through your pipes. Changing how you view your pipes can help keep them free flowing and healthy. It can also keep the¬†plumbers Pittsburgh¬†has working on problems that aren’t as preventable.