Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Shower Valve

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Shower Valve

Shower Valve Repair or Replacement ServicesA common problem affecting home plumbing is shower valve issues. These problems leave people frustrated and unsure what to do about poor-performing shower valves. Before you call for shower plumbing service in Pittsburgh, PA, keep reading to learn more about the signs that you need shower valve repair or replacement services.

The Water Turns to Ice

Have you stepped under a nice warm stream of water in your shower only to have it turn cold almost instantly? Before you jump to the conclusion that this is a water heater issue, turn your attention to the shower valve. Natural wear and tear on the valve can make it slow to react when another faucet is using hot water in the house. As frustrating as this problem is, it's common because these valves get used a lot, sometimes multiple times a day. If you're struggling with this problem at your home, it's time to replace the valve. Contact a local plumbing service company in Pittsburgh, PA, to help you with this replacement job.

Water Pressure Changes

Another problem resulting from normal wear and tear is a change in water pressure. Have you noticed the water pressure diminishes the longer you stay in the shower? When you experience fluctuating water pressure in the shower, call for plumbing services in Pittsburgh, PA. Get that shower valve replaced and get back to warm, steady showers.

Leaky Valves

Leaky valves are another problem that are quite common in households. Over time, seals break down in the valve. This leads to water leaks. While a leak doesn't affect the quality of your shower, it's not great for your shower walls. A valve that continuously leaks wastes water and causes moisture issues that can lead to mold development. Also, leaks get into the grout in wall tiles and cause water damage. Repairing a leaky valve isn't expensive, but fixing water damage is. Fix that leak fast to prevent more costly repairs down the line.

Lime Buildup years of usage, limescale buildup can affect your shower valve, especially if you have hard water. Clean the valve well using a calcium and lime cleaner to see if this stops the leak. If it doesn't, call a plumber to have them check out the problem. Also, if you do have hard water, there could be other related problems affecting your pipes and water-using appliances in the home. Consider looking into reducing the hard water in your home. Your plumber can help you with this too.

How to Avoid Premature Shower Valve Replacement

While it's expected that you'll need to replace a shower valve at some point due to wear and tear, the last thing you want to do is need replacement services shortly after you install a new valve. The best way to avoid this is to make sure you get professional shower plumbing installation in Pittsburgh, PA. Licensed plumbers who install new fixtures know what they're doing.

If you need to replace your shower valve or need any type of plumbing repair in Pittsburgh, PA, call Stahl Plumbing today.