The 3 Types of Home Heating Boilers and Their Benefits

The 3 Types of Home Heating Boilers and Their Benefits

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The modern homeowner is not without a range of choices when it comes to chasing the winter chill away. As reliable and professional Pittsburgh plumbers, we have helped hundreds of Pittsburgh and Allegheny county residents maintain a safe and healthy residential and business environment for many years. Below is a brief presentation of home heating boilers and their advantages.

Gas Boiler

This is one of the most common types of boilers. Most convention gas boilers send heated water to radiators, while some heat the water and send steam instead of actual hot water to radiators. Condensing boilers uses less fuel because they re-capture the energy produced by the hot water gases leaving the boiler. Then, they use this to heat cold water for your use.

Gas boilers are incredibly durable and highly efficient. They seldom break down despite regular use and do not need meticulous maintenance.

Electric Boiler

This type of boiler does need access to a gas supply line and does not use fossil fuels such as gas or oil to provide heat and hot water to your home. There is minimal heat loss with electric boilers since they do not depend on a flue to dispose of waste gases.

Since they do not require a flue or a chimney, electric boilers are easy and much cheaper to install. Electric boilers need much less space since you also do not need an additional fuel storage tank. They are also quieter to operate than gas or oil boilers.

Solid Fuel Boiler

Modern solid fuel burners use biofuels for energy, making them supremely environmentally friendly compared to oil and gas boilers. Biofuels come in the form of wood pellets that are made from recycled materials. Most homeowners do not report any detected difference in terms of performance with this type of boiler.

The burnable pellets used by solid fuel burners are readily available and come from renewable resources. This type of boiler significantly reduces the carbon footprint of your house while lowering your monthly heating bills since it does not rely on fossil fuels to provide you with a safe and comfortable indoor home environment.

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