The Benefits of Regular Plumbing Maintenance

The Benefits of Regular Plumbing Maintenance

Benefits of Regular Plumbing Maintenance

You might think of hiring a plumber as a last resort, a task you only do when something has gone very wrong with your home plumbing. But it’s time for you to change your perspective! Here are the top benefits of scheduling regular plumbing maintenance.

Fewer Clogs

Maintenance plumbers will work to keep your drains and sewer pipes clean, which means less buildup and fewer clogs. They can even prevent the dreaded sewer backup disaster.

Reliable Hot Water

Your water heater needs to be checked for rust, leaks, and other signs of disrepair from time to time. This plumbing maintenance task can ensure you always get hot water when–and where–you need it.

Good Water Pressure

Plumbers will test the water pressure in your system to ensure it’s at a safe level. Good water pressure is high enough for your showerheads and dishwasher to run appropriately, but low enough to prevent internal pressure damage to delicate pipes and appliances.

Mildew Prevention

If water leaks outside of pipes and appliances, mildew and other fungi can collect around this moisture, leading to bad odor and dangerous allergens in the air. Plumbers can find and clean up moisture to prevent mold buildup.

Financial Savings

Maintenance checks include finding and fixing leaks, which can quickly increase your water bill to shocking costs. When plumbers fix leaks, this can save you more money than you spent hiring them!

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