The Importance of an Efficient Air Conditioner This Summer

The Importance of an Efficient Air Conditioner This Summer

When the summer temperatures soar, the heat can put a great deal of stress on your AC system. While your air conditioner will generally perform admirably despite the heavier workload, periods of peak use often mean compromised efficiency when it comes to the amount of cool air you get in exchange for the energy consumed. The average American spends thousands each year in energy costs, so one of the best ways to trim the fat from your household budget is through greater energy efficiency. Given the amount of power that your AC consumes, it's a likely first target for anyone who wants to reduce energy bills without sacrificing comfort. Fortunately, with the advice of skilled providers of HVAC service in Pittsburgh, PA, you can take many steps to reduce AC energy consumption.

By performing routine maintenance on a regular schedule and arranging for proactive HVAC repair, homeowners can take charge of energy usage by installing high-efficiency systems, keeping them well-tuned through maintenance, and monitoring cooling inefficiencies elsewhere in the home. Doing so may seem like a tall task, but operating an efficient AC system is important in the summer months. Keep reading to learn a few of the reasons why.

Cost Savings

The first reason to strive for energy efficiency in terms of your home AC system is that it will save you a tremendous amount of money over the course of the average year. You may not realize how much of your household energy bill is dedicated to climate control, especially in the summer months, when the AC may run almost continuously to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home. Depending on the size of your house and the degree of efficiency you can create with improved equipment and modified operating practices, the savings could amount to hundreds of dollars per year.

Extended Service Life

AC unitWhen an AC unit runs efficiently, much of the stress levied by heavy usage is alleviated since the system can perform its work more easily and with less energy consumed. Energy efficiency also requires frequent maintenance and upkeep of your AC, which is usually performed by professionals who can monitor the state of your system and offer proactive repairs to developing problems that will keep the system running smoothly. Those factors combine to result in an extended life span for your system; the more efficiently it can run, the longer it will last.

Reduces Environmental Impact

Most people eagerly choose to protect the environment if given the opportunity, and maintaining energy efficiency in your household AC system is just such a chance to engage in good stewardship of natural resources. Given the amount of energy used to cool the average home in the summer, efficiency measures can reduce the amount of energy consumed, which means fewer fossil fuels will be burned to meet the demand, and less carbon will enter the atmosphere. Maintaining energy efficiency at home is one of the most important things you can do to reduce your environmental footprint.

Fewer Repairs Needed

The functional components of an HVAC system work in tandem with one another in a symbiotic relationship. However, when one component begins to degrade or malfunction, there's a ripple effect that impacts the other parts of the system as well as overall system performance. That means one failing part begets additional failing parts as the workload is transferred. When your system is optimized for maximum energy efficiency, there are often fewer major repairs needed since maintenance is frequent. Your HVAC technician will get ample opportunities to see potential issues as they develop so that they can be repaired before they cause more extensive problems for your systems.

AC energy efficiency is critical, especially during the summer months, because it not only saves you money on energy costs, but also protects your system and allows it to run more smoothly. With the help of an HVAC company in Pittsburgh, PA, you can maintain an efficient system and enjoy the associated benefits throughout the hottest months of the year. To learn more about the importance of energy efficiency as it pertains to your AC, contact Stahl Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning at (412) 273-1000.