Things You Should Know about a Zoned HVAC System

Things You Should Know about a Zoned HVAC System

Would you like more control over your home's heating and cooling? Are some rooms hotter than others because they get more sunlight? Do you have rooms that never seem to warm up? Companies that offer heating installation services in Pittsburgh, PA, recommend zoned HVAC systems to help homeowners keep their homes comfortable.

Keep reading to learn more about what zoned HVAC systems do and why they're recommended by home heating service professionals.

HVAC DuctworkWhat Is Zoned HVAC?

In a nutshell, a zoned HVAC system divides the house up into two or more zones. In each of these zones, the temperature can be adjusted to meet the varying needs of these areas. For example, some households create a zone for the bedrooms and another zone for the living and kitchen areas. The temperature is adjusted to make sure each zone provides maximum comfort for the household. The temperature in each zone is controlled by electronic thermostats and dampers.

Does a Zoned System Affect the Efficiency of the HVAC System?

Homeowners who are looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their HVAC system often mistake zoned heating and cooling as a method for achieving efficiency. Although it doesn't affect the system's efficiency, it does have an impact on the home's heating and cooling expenses. Depending on individual settings, households can see up to a 30% reduction in energy costs. To find out how much you can save by installing a zoned system, speak with local cooling and heating installation services to learn more.

Zoned Systems Improve Comfort

Using the traditional way to heat and cool a home leaves rooms lacking. It's impossible to control the temperature properly, especially in multi-story homes, homes with cathedral ceilings, and older drafty homes. Zoned systems fill the gaps and eliminate those cold and hot spots that are in most homes. The control that zoned systems give homeowners increases comfort for everyone.

Zoned Systems Offer Modern Convenience

Checking Home Air VentToday's modern living demands convenience. People don't want to mess with the thermostat to get the temperature just right or use fans and space heaters in individual rooms. Many zoned systems include smart technology that does all the hard work for you.

About Zoned HVAC Installation

Are you ready to take the next step and install a zoned heating and cooling system? Keep in mind that this is not a do-it-yourself job. It's an installation service that requires professional HVAC experience. Zone dampers, bypass dampers, and a zoned control panel are just three of the requirements for this system to work. These are things that must be installed by licensed HVAC specialists. Trying to install a system yourself will lead to breakdowns and emergency heating repair or cooling service.

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