Tips To A Clean Air Vent

Tips To A Clean Air Vent

Properly cleaning your air ventIn general, your air conditioner works to improve your indoor air quality as the air filter pulls dust and pollutants out of the air. However, if particles manage to get past your filter, are pulled into your air conditioning system through a leaky duct in your attic or are blown in through a vent, your air conditioner can quickly turn into your home's biggest source of dust and other allergens. To keep your home's air healthy, you need to make sure your entire air conditioning system stays clean.

How To Clean An Air Vent

Cleaning your air vents is a quick spring cleaning project that will only take up part of an afternoon. To clean your air vents:

  1. Remove the air vent covers slowly and carefully to avoid stirring up dust — you don't want it floating deep into your ducts. Place the screws in a container so you don't lose them during the process.
  2. Wash the vent covers using a wet rag and dish soap. Start slowly to make sure you aren't doing damage to the paint. When finished, gently dry the covers with a rag.
  3. Use a handheld vacuum to vacuum the ducts leading up to your vent. Only do the portions you can see, and take care to avoid striking the sides of the ducts to prevent tearing. Also, make sure that you don't point the vacuum's exhaust towards the vents as you move the vacuum so you don't blow dust inside.
  4. Visually inspect your ducts for signs of tearing, dirt or debris. You can use a small mirror or phone camera to get a look deeper inside.
  5. Replace the air vent covers.

Cleaning Your Ducts

If your air vents were heavily soiled, the insides of your ducts looked dirty or you simply don't know when the last time your ducts were cleaned was, it could be time to schedule a professional cleaning. Over the years, your ducts can be dirtied by dust, pets and mold from moisture buildup. If your ducts are dirty, your air will already be dirty by the time it reaches your air vents and you won't get the health benefits of your cleaning efforts.

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