Tips to Help Prepare You for An Emergency Plumbing Situation

Tips to Help Prepare You for An Emergency Plumbing Situation

Emergency plumbing situations can happen to anyone at any time. This is why you need to make yourself prepared for such an instance. First, make sure you have a reputable plumbing service that you are comfortable with that you can call whenever you have a need for emergency plumbing services. There are also things you can do to help alleviate the situation until the professionals arrive at your home to help you.

Probably the most important and the simplest thing you need to know in an emergency plumbing situation is where your shut-off valve for your water is. This will stop your leaky faucets from continuing to drip. You should also know how to turn off your water heater in case of a problem here. Adjust the switch on a gas water heater to what is called the pilot position.

Isolation valves are also something that is good to know about in an emergency plumbing situation. These can help cut off the flow of water to the one specific location that is having the problem. In this way, you will still be able to get water throughout the rest of your home during the time the leak is being repaired. For added safety, switch off all of the isolation valves once a year to make sure they still work well. You don’t want to find out during an emergency plumbing situation that the one you need does not work.

You can use duct tape to temporarily pull a crack together in a pipe, reducing the leak and giving the emergency plumbing professionals a chance to reach you. You should also know where any wrenches, plungers and other tools you’ll need are in your home, so that when an emergency plumbing situation arises, you will have them handy.

Knowing all of the above will help protect your home from further damage while you are waiting for the professionals to arrive.