Tips to Prevent Common Plumbing Problems

Tips to Prevent Common Plumbing Problems

Clogged ToiletAs your home ages, it's natural to have plumbing problems from time to time. Your local emergency plumbing company handles all kinds of residential plumbing issues, from water heater problems to clogged toilets and stopped up sinks. Most problems are solved within a couple of hours and you're free to get back to your everyday activities. But wouldn't it be nice to prevent some of these problems so you don't have to go through the hassle of calling a plumber? Check out these tips to help you prevent some of the more common residential plumbing problems.

Clogged Drain Prevention

This is by far the #1 plumbing problem that affects homes of all shapes, sizes, and age. Everyone has experienced a clogged toilet. You know what to do to fix this problem, but how do you prevent it? Here are some easy ways to do this:

  • Only flush toilet paper and throw everything else in the trash can
  • Install child locks on toilets if you have small children in the household
  • Call for annual drain cleaning service to keep waste buildup to a minimum

Follow these tips and you'll reduce the chances of needing to call for emergency plumbing repair services.

Leaky Faucets and Pipes

A leaky faucet is usually caused by a broken gasket or washer. There's really no way to prevent faucets from ever developing leaks because gaskets and washers break due to old age and wear and tear. However, using the faucets in your home the correct way and being gentle when turning them on and off goes a long way toward prolonging their functionality.

Leaky FaucetNow, leaky pipes are a different story. As the pipes in your home age, they do become more prone to breakage because of corrosion and pressure. Therefore, follow these recommendations to prevent leaky pipes and the need for emergency pipe repair:

  • Take care of high water pressure issues right away. Water pressure that's too high puts too much stress on pipes and causes them to break down sooner.
  • Don't let pipes become bogged down with clogs. If you notice a slow drain, call for emergency plumbing and drainage in Pittsburgh, PA, to clear the drains and take pressure off the pipes.
  • Schedule annual leak detection service to stay alert to small leaks that are easier to fix than major pipe breaks.

Water Heater Problems

A lack of hot water is one of the most common problems that affects residential water heaters. Prevent water heating problems by doing the following:

  • Flush the water heater tank once a year to get rid of sediment buildup.
  • Check the thermostat to make sure its set at the optimal temperature.
  • Schedule annual water heater maintenance to ensure all parts are working well.

When you stay alert to small changes in your plumbing system, you avoid pricey plumbing repairs for common problems. However, sometimes emergencies happen. Therefore, if you need emergency plumbing repair in Pittsburgh, PA, contact Stahl Plumbing today!