Trenchless Water Line Repair

Trenchless Water Line Repair

Our Professional Pittsburgh, PA Plumbers Won’t Wreck Your Yard!

Repairing the water line to your home can be a nightmarish experience. Many Pittsburgh plumbers just don’t know how to do it properly. Not only is the procedure expensive, it can also leave your front yard looking like an eyesore. The messy method of water line repair involves digging a trench from the meter to your home, upsetting the lawn. Then, after the repairs have been completed, the trench must be filled, leaving a trail of dirt that won’t match the green grass surrounding it.

What causes a water line to become damaged and wreak havoc on one’s property anyway? Some major factors that contribute to damage include:

  • Roots from trees and shrubs
  • Old pipes
  • Temperature fluctuations in the ground
  • Shifting and resettling soil

Water line damage can result in land erosion, foundation damage and seepage into the basement or crawlspace. If you have higher-than-usual utility bills or a constantly soggy spot on your lawn, it could indicate a water line problem that must be mended soon.

Don’t let the thought of your yard turned upside-down keep you from getting your water line restored. Now repairs can be made less invasively with trenchless, or tunneling, technology!

Trenchless water line repair is innovative in that only two holes are drilled: one at the water meter and one at the other end of the pipe. This method is called directional boring, and it has the ability to dig underneath tree roots, through rocks, next to gardens—all without disturbing your home’s landscape on the surface.

So, how are the damaged pipes replaced if no one can see them? Pipe bursting is a technique that threads a new pipe through the old pipe. As the new tube makes its way around underground, it shatters the old pipe and pushes the fragments into the soil. The result is a leak-free water line and a still-beautiful yard.

If you suspect that your property is suffering from water line damage, contact our professional Pittsburgh plumbers at Stahl Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. We provide the Pittsburgh area with services such as water line replacement, sewer cleaning and even general plumbing repairs.