What Does the Energy Star Label Mean?

What Does the Energy Star Label Mean?

When looking for a new appliance, homeowners and property owners will see many models that have an energy star label. These labels are found on all kinds of appliances, and homeowners might see one on an air conditioner, heater, dishwasher, refrigerator or any number of other appliances. Here's a look at what this label actually means.

The Energy Star Program is a Trusted Program

The energy star program is a government-backed, trusted program run by the Environmental Protection Agency. The program, which was founded in 1992, promotes and identifies energy-efficient appliances. It both reduces greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants, and helps homeowners and businesses reduce their energy costs without sacrificing features, performance or comfort.

The Energy Star Label

The program does all of this by awarding appliances that meet its criteria with an energy star label. Exact criteria vary from product to product, but the EPA generally looks for appliances that:

  • provide the features and performance consumers expect
  • significantly contribute to energy savings nationwide
  • either cost the same as non-certified products or make up for any additional upfront cost in energy savings
  • use technology that's broadly available to manufacturers (i.e. not proprietary to a single company)
  • have been tested and verified for energy consumption and performance

When purchasing a product with the blue-and-white energy star label, consumers can be confident that the appliance they're getting will do what they expect and help them reduce their energy costs.

Find an Energy Star Air Conditionerenergy star home appliances

As the weather warms up, many homeowners and property owners in the Pittsburgh area will soon be turning on their air conditioners to keep their homes and other buildings cool. For homes and buildings that have old air conditioners, upgrading to an energy star model could provide significant savings all summer long (and for many summers to come).

If you're interested in learning more about how much an energy star air conditioner could reduce your summer cooling costs, contact us at Stahl Plumbing. In addition to plumbing, we also offer a full line of heating and air conditioning services. We've helped many homeowners and property owners in the region get energy star air conditioners, and we'd be happy to answer any questions you have about the program or savings these models offer.