When Is It Time To Re-Pipe Your Home?

When Is It Time To Re-Pipe Your Home?

A leak here, a clog there - these are normal everyday plumbing issues that can occur in any home and don't necessarily mean that your pipes need replacing. However, wise homeowners still keep a watchful eye on their home's water and plumbing, especially if it is older. Any knowledgeable plumber, or homeowner, for that matter, can tell you that water damage is often a bigger, costlier issue than dealing with the plumbing itself.

Read below for some of the common signs that it's time to re-pipe your home.

Signs That You Need To Re-Pipe Your Home

  • Low water pressure is one of the most often-cited symptoms of a faulty piping system.
  • Consistently reoccurring leaks could signify a breakdown somewhere within your pipes, and where there's one leak, there are likely many other less visible ones.
  • Odd coloring or smell in your water is not only repulsive, but it can mean that your pipes are corroding due to rust and causing run off in your water. Even if the water turns clear after a few seconds of running, it is still time to replace your pipes.
  • Inconsistent temperature is a sign that your pipes may be too old to function properly. If you've ever experienced a warm shower suddenly turn scalding because someone flushed a toilet, you know how unpleasant that can be. It's time to re-pipe.
  • Loud noises like creaking, banging or groaning coming from your pipes when you run water in the house can mean it's time to replace your pipes.

Never hire an unlicensed handyman or attempt to re-pipe a house as a do-it-yourself project. It may seem like a cheaper option initially, but it can lead to costly mistakes or inefficient plumbing systems later on down the line.

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