When You Should Upgrade Your Plumbing Systems

When do you know you should replace or upgrade your plumbing? This is a question that regularly plagues homeowners we work with. Though it's easy to remember to update the fixtures when remodeling, many homeowners forget to upgrade their plumbing at the same time. But why should you go to the extra expense of changing out your plumbing lines? Here are some great reasons to upgrade that Pittsburgh plumbers see all the time.

When Should You Upgrade Your Plumbing Systems?

  • When selling your home. If your plumbing lines are out of date or have issues, it won't help you sell your home or get a good price for it. Having a new plumbing system is a great selling point Drain pipe under wash basinwhen putting your home on the market, especially if it's part of a home upgrade package that protects the buyer's investment.
  • When making major renovations. It's expensive to replace your entire system at once, especially when drywall needs to be repaired or otherwise retrofit into your existing system. It's when you have everything torn apart that it's easiest to get the access you need to get the plumbing lines replaced. Make sure you upgrade your plumbing system as you make renovations to decrease the higher cost of having to do a complete system replacement down the road.
  • When your pipes are leaking - a lot. Most pipes leak a little, but a higher water bill is often the sign of a leaking plumbing system. You may not even be aware of its presence, because it can be below a slab or in your yard where it's hard to see. It's much more cost-effective to pay for the upgrades than the continually increasing water bills.
  • When your water pressure is too low. Between leaks, sediment and corrosion, many older plumbing systems lose water pressure over time, and back flushing will only do so much to remove the source of the problem. Putting new plumbing lines in help improve water pressure throughout your home.

When you need to have your plumbing system, for whatever the reason, it's important to have the work performed by a qualified plumbing service who can ensure the job is done right the first time. If you're not currently working with a reputable plumbing service, why not give Stahl Plumbing a try? Just contact us today and see how our highly-trained, experienced service technicians will show you why we're the best plumbers in Pittsburgh.