Why Isn’t My Sink Draining on Its Own?

Why Isn’t My Sink Draining on Its Own?

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Instead of flowing effortlessly down the drain, the water in your home's sink is being stubborn. Under these circumstances, the No. 1 rule is not to panic. While this is a troublesome and stressful situation, the last thing you want to do is take drastic action.

Many homeowners lack the proper skills and information needed to handle residential plumbing problems safely and efficiently, and that becomes even more true in emergencies.

What To Do When Your Drains Give You Grief

Drain systems are relatively simple but are composed of multiple parts that you need to understand prior to performing repairs. Clogs and back-ups happen every day, and are particularly common in kitchen sinks and bathtubs. Hair and other debris do not always rinse down. Gradual buildup of these everyday materials and a lack of adequate, general plumbing maintenance are the main drain problem culprits.

A few simple steps will keep your drain lines clean and free from obstructions. You should run water at each location for at least 30 seconds each day to ensure nothing is caught at or beneath the sink base. When using your kitchen's garbage disposal, flush the pipes with hot water for a minute afterward. And unless you want to make a call to your emergency plumbing contractor, never (and we mean never) let oil or grease go down your drain. This is just asking for trouble.

A great monthly maintenance tip that works wonders at preventing most major clogs is to fill your sink with scalding hot water, allowing it to drain slowly. In addition, mixing a solution of equal parts baking soda and white vinegar is typically a miracle worker for backed-up sewage lines. This all-natural, non-toxic remedy beats out commercial drain cleaners and is far less caustic, meaning you need not worry about damaging any rubber seals, plastic rings or the pipes themselves.

Understand that using chemical cleaning methods should not be your go-to solution, and that with regular, routine maintenance, there is rarely a need to use them! If you are unable to tackle the problem on your own or you notice signs of water damage in your home, get in touch with a plumber that specializes in drain cleaning services.

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