Why Poor Plumbing Can Affect Your Washing Machine — and Your Clothes!

Having problems with your clothes not getting clean? It may not be your washing machine. Plumbing problems can lead to a variety of issues with your laundry. Here are a range of issues you may see in your washing machine that can be caused by your Pittsburgh plumbing issues.

Poor Plumbing and it's Effect on Your Washing Machine

  • Washing machine fails to drain. A clogged drain tube in the washing machine can keep the water from pumping into your drain system. Removing and checking it for debris is the easiest wayMommy's little helper to see if that's the problem. If it's clear, the pump is more likely to be at fault. The pump pushes the water out of the washer, through the drain line and into the drain system of your home.
  • The water comes out of the washer or the drain. This indicates that the problem is in your home drain system. When water can't flow out of the drain, it will back up and overflow the washing machine. In this situation, you'll need to clean out the drain pipes to fix the problem. The clog may be in the trap, in which case, the line will back up within a few seconds and may be cleared out by removing and cleaning out the trap.
  • If it takes a little time to back up, the clog is further away and may need professional help to remove. If you have another drain line that is running slow or backing up, it may be a clog in your main that is the culprit. A snake can be used break up and remove the clog, but a clog this far into your drain system may require a powered snake or additional expertise. You may also be able to attack it from a drain clean-out location, typically a tee or wye with a removable screwed-in plug that has a square head for removal with a wrench.

Plumbing problems can make you think your washer is at fault, but the real problem may be in your home's drain lines. Drain problems can leave your clothes smelling musty and can encourage mold and mildew growth in your home, making your clothes and your interior air quality suffer. If you need help with your washer's plumbing problems, contact the Pittsburgh plumbers who provide the best service in the area. At Stahl Plumbing, we're here to make your troubles go down the drain.