5 Common Issues that Plague Homes During Winter

When you're deep into the winter months, problems can pop up with your heating system and health that can make your home uncomfortable. How do you enjoy those special times with your family when your home isn't comfortable? Here are five common issues that can plague your home during the winter.

5 Common Issues That Plague Homes During Winter

  1. Inconsistent temperature. The first cause for this problem is that you have drafts in rooms that are cooler, such as a window that isn't sealing properly or damage to insulation. The second cause is having your HVAC system's airflow unbalanced, whether it's from a dirty air filter, dirty heat exchanger coils or improper adjustment of your vents.
  2. Cycling furnace. If your blower or air filter is dirty or clogged, it can't work as efficiently. Your furnace will cycle on, and then when the hot air can't leave the system due to clogging, it shuts down as it overheats. This problem can also be caused by a faulty thermostat, which will require help from a qualified service technician.
  3. Sudden loss of heating. Though it's pretty obvious why you've lost heat if you have a sudden power outage, it's not so simple if you still have power in the rest of your home. The next place to check is the breaker box or pilot light. If the breaker isn't flipped or the pilot light won't stay on, it's time to contact a professional.
  4. Dry air. Winter air holds less moisture because it's cold. When that cold, dry air is heated, it becomes warm, dry air that can dry out your mucous membranes and skin. This can lead to respiratory problems and itchy, flaky skin, making you uncomfortable. A humidifier can provide more moisture in your home's air, making it much more comfortable.
  5. Not having seasonal maintenance performed. Seasonal maintenance allows service technicians to catch small problems before they become big repairs. Make sure your system is serviced before the heating season begins for best results.

By keeping these issues and their possible solutions in mind, you can deal with any problems that come up this winter. If you need additional help with these issues, please feel free to contact our professional technicians with any questions or to schedule an appointment. We've been serving the Allegheny County and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area for over 50 years with quality service.