Home Management: How to Prevent Sink Backups

Home Management: How to Prevent Sink Backups

There are few things as frustrating as having your sink develop a drainage backup. Whether it's the kitchen sink, utility sink or a bathroom sink, clearing up the problem can be time-consuming and frustrating. But this is one of many areas in life where a little prevention is worth a lot of repair costs. Here are a few ideas of how to prevent sink backups:

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How to Prevent Sink Backups

  • Keep them clear. To start with, you'll need to regularly check your drains for any debris that could cause a blockage further down. At least on a monthly basis, you need to check the pop-up drain plug on the bathroom sink, the strainer on the drains in your kitchen sink, clean out the garbage disposal with a few cups of ice and a handful of salt followed by the juice of half a lemon or lime to deodorize. Make sure your family knows they need to use the strainers to help prevent sink backups.
  • What goes down must come up. If your family has a habit of dropping things down the drain, make sure you teach them to take preventative measures instead. Either plug the drain or place a washcloth or dishcloth over it to prevent jewelry, cosmetic applicators and other items from falling down your drain and causing a serious physical obstruction. Make sure they're aware that only water and things dissolved in water should go down the drain for a regular sink drain and for garbage disposals, only items that can be easily broken up by the disposal should go down it, which doesn't include plastic, bones or similar materials.
  • Ban the grease. This is the biggest culprit of sink backups. Never, ever pour grease down the drain, because as it hits the cold drain pipes, it solidifies, blocking the drain. If you have a lot of grease in your sink, try using a strong dish soap to break it up first, then follow up with hot water for at least a minute to ensure it clears your drain system.

If your preventative measures have failed and you have a serious backup on your hands that just won't clear up, we can help. Stahl Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving the greater Pittsburgh area for more than 50 years, providing superior customer service and exceptional technical repairs to our clients. Contact us today and find out why we're Pittsburgh's most trusted plumbing service company.