5 Home Improvement Methods for Winter Months

Just because the weather has turned cold doesn't mean your home improvement projects need to stop for the winter. Though it can seem like a difficult task, winter home improvement projects can give you the time to really work on the projects you've been wanting to get done. Here are five great tips to help you keep on going through the cold of winter.

5 Home Improvements for Winter Months

  1. Work with the weather instead of against it. When there are a few beautiful days in the forecast, take advantage of them to get a few outdoor or building envelope projects done, such as adding storm windows, cleaning up your landscaping plants and pouring a little concrete while the sun shines. When it's cold, switch your focus to the interHome Improvement Methods for Winter Monthsior of your home.
  2. Take the time to do it right. Winter gives you the time to really focus on the details. If you've been considering putting in a mosaic sink surround in your bathroom that will take a lot of time to do it right, winter is the perfect time to make it happen. Have some ideas to add great trim and finishing touches to your home? Winter gives you the time you need to do it right.
  3. Consider using zones to maximize efficiency. If you have zone heating, plan on switching most of your household activities to one zone while you're working in another. This helps you limit the cleanup afterwards and helps keep your family happy in the process. The shutoff valves on your plumbing fixtures make it easier to focus on a particular project without getting in hot water when the washer won't work because the main water valve is off.
  4. Take it inside. Instead of working on a bunch of outdoor projects, try taking a day to knock out all those honey-dos that seem to build up. You'll be surprised how many things you can knock off your list in a couple days indoors.
  5. Consider your limitations. Don't plan a kitchen remodel for winter if you can't afford to go out to eat or work around the project because it's too miserable to grill. Unless you have a long stretch of beautiful weather, re-roofing, replacing windows and doors or opening up your exterior wall cavities for work should probably be avoided until spring.

By bearing these suggestions in mind, you can really get a lot done when everything outside is frozen and cold. If you need help with some of your projects, please contact us at Stahl Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. You'll soon see the quality and service that makes us Pittsburgh's most trusted service company.