5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Furnace

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Furnace

Person ThinkingDuring the frigid winter months, your furnace is your source of warm comfort despite the chilling winds that howl outside. Without it, even basic everyday tasks would become almost unbearable. If you've ever experienced a furnace failure that required emergency heating repair, you know just how brutal cold temperatures can be without a reliable source of heat in your home.

If you want to avoid the kind of heating service repair that can pose an inconvenient and unexpected break in your winter warmth, it's a good idea to regularly maintain your furnace. While that means regular visits from heating service technicians to provide preventive maintenance, eventually it will mean replacement of your furnace as well. After all, your furnace may be dependable, but it won't last forever. To avoid the need for emergency heating system repair in Pittsburgh, PA, you may want to consider proactively replacing your furnace before it stops working at an inopportune moment. Keep reading to learn 5 signs that it's time to replace your furnace.

Your Furnace Is Old

Your furnace isn't designed to last forever, so the first indication that a furnace replacement is in your future is the age of the appliance. You can expect to get 10 to 15 solid years of service from your furnace. While some furnaces may last beyond that timeframe, that's not guaranteed. Therefore, if your furnace is in excess of 15 years old, you should start considering a replacement.

Utility Bills Creep Upwards

As your furnace and heating system ages, it will become less efficient. In other words, it will be forced to work harder and use more energy to maintain the same results as it provided when new. While you may not notice that your energy bills are rising in tiny increments, you can see the increase when viewed over the long-term. Look at your historic energy bills, and if you see that your utility bills are steadily creeping upward, it could be because you need to replace your furnace.

Unsettling Noises

When furnaces age and come close to the end of their service lives, they often become noisier. Modern furnaces are incredibly quiet under optimal circumstances, so if you begin to hear roaring, banging, rattling, or buzzing, there could be problems that will be too expensive to repair. Therefore, a furnace replacement may be in order.

Compromised Performance

Person Cold IndoorsAnother indication that your furnace may be approaching its final days is its performance. If your furnace struggles to adequately heat your home, or if it heats unevenly with some rooms warmed and others chilly, that's a sign that your furnace is in its twilight. Consult with a professional furnace specialist for advice on whether it's time to replace it.

Repair Bills Are Increasing

Every furnace needs maintenance and intermittent repair. It's a mechanical appliance, after all, and components become worn or broken in routine usage. However, if you find yourself calling the repair service several times a year, it is probably time to replace the furnace rather than putting more money into a failing appliance.

If you have observed one or more of these telltale signs of a failing furnace, explore your options with a HVAC professional. It's better to replace an ailing furnace than to invest in repairs for a furnace that's a lost cause. To learn more about when to replace your furnace, contact Stahl Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning at (412) 273-1000.