4 Interesting Facts about Your Home Plumbing

4 Interesting Facts about Your Home Plumbing

Dad and Daughter Testing SinkMany homeowners don't know a lot about their home's plumbing. The plumbing system in any home can be complex and intricate. The good news is that when you need plumbing installation in Pittsburgh, PA, you can rely on professional plumbers. In the meantime, though, there are plenty of quick facts you can learn about your home's plumbing that will be very helpful to you, your home, your plumbing, and your wallet.

The Pipes Need Space

It's very common to utilize under-sink space as storage. In the cabinets beneath many folks' sinks, you'll probably find bottles of cleaner, sponges, towels, and all sorts of home goods. However, these spaces should actually be kept pretty empty, for two good reasons. First of all, you don't want to bump or dislodge any of the plumbing by taking out and putting back supplies from under the sink. Secondly, if you need plumbing services, the plumber will need unobstructed access to the pipes.

Not Everything Is Flushable

If you truly want to protect your home's plumbing, forget about flushing things (other than bodily waste) down the toilet. One of the most common reasons people call a plumbing service company is to fix a clogged toilet or pipe. Even items that seem harmless can gather over time and clog a major part of your home's plumbing. These include:

  • Kid Plays with Toilet PaperHair
  • Tissues
  • Band aids
  • Baby Wipes
  • Dental Floss
  • Cotton Balls
  • Paper Towels

Make sure the young kiddos know this fact!

Leaky Faucets Are Costly

It may not bother you that your sink leaks a little bit. You may think that a few drops of water here and there don't really add up to much. Unfortunately, these small amounts of water can add up very quickly, wasting a lot of water and costing you money each month. A faucet that drips consistently throughout the day can waste upwards of a gallon of water each week. Don't pay for water that is going to waste!

You Can Shut Off the Water

Did you know that it's possible to shut off the water coming into your house and through your plumbing system? Each home has a main water valve that can be used to interrupt water flow if necessary. As a responsible homeowner, take a few minutes to find this water valve, simply so you know exactly where it is and what condition it is in. This way, if a plumber needs to shut off the water in your home, you can easily show them where they can find the valve.

Keep these four facts in mind for better knowledge and usage of your home's plumbing. Whether you are looking for plumbing installation or service in Pittsburgh, PA, Stahl Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can help you! With years of experience, these plumbing professionals can address your concerns and help you navigate your home's plumbing system. Call today to schedule an appointment for a plumbing checkup or to fix a problem quickly and correctly.