Benefits of Regular Drain Cleaning

Benefits of Regular Drain Cleaning

Water drainingFor many homeowners, your home's pipes and plumbing aren't really on your radar until something goes wrong. A little preventative maintenance can go a long way, however, in preventing those things that do go wrong eventually. For example, regular drain cleaning might not be a current part of your cleaning routine, but it should be, since there are so many benefits. Read on to learn about these benefits of keeping your drains cleaned and why every homeowner should do it.

Regular Cleaning Prevents Major Blockages

One of the most obvious benefits of having your drained cleaned out regularly is that it prevents the buildup over time of debris that causes blockages. Every drain in your home has items other than water than make their way down the drain, such as food scraps, hair, grease, soap scum, bathroom and hygiene products, coffee grounds, or dirt. These objects or particles may seem small or harmless individually, but when they bind together or build up over time, they can cause backups or even complete blockages in your drain. To prevent both slight inconveniences and major disasters, routine maintenance and cleaning is the best way to go.

Major Blockages Can Be Majorly Expensive

In addition to the inconvenience and mess involved with major drain blockages, major costs can be involved. Broken pipes, damaged plumbing systems, and water damage in your home can all be costly to repair. Staying on top of keeping your drains cleaned is much cheaper.

Backed-Up Pipes Don't Smell Great

Another great benefit to having drains that are clean and clear is having your home smell nice. Backed-up drains bring with them the unpleasant smell of rotten waste, buildup gone bad, or even sewage. Avoiding those unwanted odors is as simple as keeping your drained clean from buildup that can cause the stink.

Prevent Standing Water and Flooding

Best Emergency Plumber in PittsburgDrains that don't do their job can cause water than drains painfully slowly, standing water in your home or yard, or even flooding. Ranging from fairly annoying to highly dangerous, these water problems can cause property damage and unhygienic situations that are unpleasant to deal with. Prevent such disasters with regular drain cleaning.

Don't Find Yourself Without Running Water

Finally, clogs that cause other plumbing problems can also result in pipe damage and finding your home without running water. Having to shut off your water due to plumbing problems is less than ideal, and no one needs that kind of disruption in their schedule. A little prevention goes a long way and is a lot easier than disaster cleanup.

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