5 Warning Signs Your Main Water Line Needs Replacement

5 Warning Signs Your Main Water Line Needs Replacement

Plumbing ToolsThe main water line on your property has a big job to do. Most of the time it does it just fine without any problems. However, over time, this pipe does begin to experience signs of wear and tear and may require replacement. The last thing you want is to have this type of problem happen out of the blue. Luckily, when you know the signs of a failing main line, you have the opportunity to save and plan for this type of outdoor plumbing repair in Pittsburgh, PA.

Stay alert for these 5 signs of a faulty main water line and call for plumbing services right away.

A Change in Your Water Bill

Sudden spikes in water usage for no obvious reason are a huge sign that something isn't right. While the problem isn't always related to issues with the main line, most often it is. A quality plumbing service company has tools to figure out if this is what's going on at your home.

Water Pressure Problems

There are a number of things that cause water pressure problems. If you're having problems with water pressure that only affects one fixture or just when you're using the hot water, then what's going on probably isn't related to the main line. What you want to look for is low water pressure that affects the entire house.

If this is happening at your home, before you call for service, call your water service provider. Sometimes work being done on their end affects the water pressure to homes they service. If this turns out not to be the case, have your main line looked at for further examination into the problem.

Standing Water in Your Yard

Have you noticed soggy parts of your yard along the main line? When puddles or dips in the yard form along where the line is installed, this could indicate a crack in the pipe. If the pipe has been damaged for some time, it's highly likely you'll find your soggy yard is also accompanied by that higher water bill mentioned earlier.

Water Quality Issues

Plumbing Tools and EquipmentAnother indication of a main line break is sudden water quality issues. Have you noticed dirt or debris in your water? When the main water line is compromised, dirt can get into the line and eventually make its way to your bathtubs, showers, sinks, and toilets. Don't ignore this problem. Not only does it signal an issue with your main line, but it's also very unsanitary.

No Water

If you have no water coming into your home, this is very inconvenient. Somehow the main water line has developed a clog and it needs attention. The clog probably formed because dirt got in through a crack and now water can't move through the line. Call a plumbing installation contractor to investigate the problem.

When you plan ahead for main water line plumbing installation services, you don't feel panicked. To schedule an inspection with a licensed plumber, contact Stahl Plumbing today at 412-273-1000.