Are Your Toilets Ready For Holiday Guests?

Are Your Toilets Ready For Holiday Guests?

Are your toilets ready for the holiday season? Don't wait to buy a plunger after one of your vacationing children or overnight guests floods the bathroom. Implement six tips from plumbers in Pittsburgh as you prepare your home's toilets for holiday guests.

Inspect the Toilets

Your home's toilets may work fine when only a few people use them, but extra guests will strain plumbing. Take time today to tighten the toilet's handle, secure the lift arm and chain, replace a broken seat and inspect the flapper for wears and tear.

Stock Flushable Toilet Paper

Soft and plush brands feel good, but they don't quickly disintegrate. For the busy holidays, stick to a basic toilet paper brand and remove or hide flushable wipes as you prevent clogs.

Educate Guests

Most toilets can't handle tissues, feminine hygiene products or diapers, yet that doesn't stop people from trying to flush these items. Post brightly colored signs around your bathroom that remind guests of the rules. Additionally, place a trash nearby to accept all the waste that can't be flushed.

Store a Plunger Nearby

Even with signs, someone may accidentally flush something they're not supposed to or overflow the bowl with waste. Store a plunger in a discreet yet visible location near every toilet in your home.

Mark the Water Valve

As soon as the water in the bowl starts rising, the main valve must be turned off. Clear any storage boxes or other bathroom accessories away from the valve, and clearly mark it so that guests can find it with ease. Then, practice turning the valve off and on to ensure it works properly and won't fail when you really need to stop the water.

Call the Professionals

Some plumbing problems are too big for you to tackle successfully. Find the phone number for your plumber Pittsburgh expert, and have it handy as you prepare your toilets and welcome guests for the holidays this year.