Tune Up Your Furnace This Winter

Tune Up Your Furnace This Winter

Unless you want to pay hundreds of extra dollars in heating bills every winter, keeping your home's furnace in tip-top shape is an absolute must. This machine is an integral part of every central HVAC system and needs to be maintained on a regular basis.

In areas where cold winters are the norm, an annual pre-season furnace inspection should performed no later than September. Common sense has it that it is more beneficial to service a heating system when the weather is still warm and vice versa, so refrain from being a lazy homeowner.

Advice for a Properly Functioning Furnace

There are a few top priority items you will need to address when servicing your furnace, some of which may require contacting a licensed Pittsburgh plumber and HVAC specialist. Some jobs like replacing the unit's air filter when it has become contaminated are quick and easy (though crucial for optimal system performance), but others such as fixing faulty electrical gear or installing a new heat pump should only be handled by a certified contractor.

The tune-up checklist can get quite extensive in some cases given the vast number of parts that need to be addressed. This is especially true for furnaces that have gone multiple years without regular maintenance; however, a couple hundred dollar's worth of parts now could save you thousands later on.

Rust can quickly build up on mechanical furnace parts. Pulleys and other moving components are more susceptible to corrosion. To prevent this, apply lubricant spray to minimize friction and lower the amount of energy being used to move the parts. The thermostat should also be checked to ensure it is at the correct setting. Aside from significantly increasing your monthly heating costs, cranking the dial up too high will also force the furnace to work harder than it needs to.

A final heating-specific check that is essential for avoiding fire hazards is a manual inspection of the burner and heat exchanger. Dirt and dust accumulation can lead to inefficiency and potential health problems for those living in the home while gas leaks are very dangerous.

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