Avoid Plumbing Emergencies During the Holidays

Avoid Plumbing Emergencies During the Holidays

Imagine, you have a long list of ingredients for dinners with family and friends. Then there's the list of gifts to purchase. And don't forget the list of cleaning and decorating projects to complete before holiday guests arrive. You're an organized person so you think to yourself, what could go wrong.

Another List You Need

Wait a minute! Do you remember the day-that-everything-backed-up when the toilets, bathtub and washing machine all regurgitated before your holiday open house?

You need a "be prepared" list for plumbing emergencies to avoid during the holidays. One of the best ways to prevent plumbing difficulties before major events, such as holiday gatherings, is to set a regular maintenance schedule. Being proactive can help you avoid messes that take the "merry" out of holidays.

Clogged drains — whether in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry — are the main problem for calling residential plumbing services.

Clogged Drain Solutions

Sinks anywhere in your house gradually accumulate blockages, so it's wise to check them periodically before problems become obvious. Food waste builds up in kitchen sinks. Bits of soap and hair are bathroom culprits.plumbing emergencies on roof

If water is taking longer than usual to drain, you can try suctioning up clogs with a sink plunger or pour hot water and baking soda down the drain. (Don't use chemical products, because they can cause damage to pipes.)

If this doesn't work, try the "snake," a flexible auger you unwind down the drain until it reaches and grabs the blockage. Sometimes a home snake isn't long enough to find the clog. Then it's time for professional drain cleaning.

On occasion, while showering, you may hear your toilet gurgle. This is a sign of a blockage that needs attention.

Some hygiene products disposed of in toilets such as baby wipes and tampons don't readily break down. They get tangled in tree roots that break into sewer lines.

You may not discover a sewer clog until your washing machine overflows. Wash water usually flows into the same drain that serves the toilet. Depending on how far down the sewer the tree roots are, the roadblock of washing machine lint and toilet waste may be too far away for a home augur.

Scheduling professional drain cleaning once or twice a year helps you to avoid the embarrassment of misbehaving toilets when your guests are on the way. To handle an emergency or arrange a maintenance schedule, contact us at Stahl Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning. We're a Pittsburgh plumbing company you can trust.