Common Winter Heating Problems

Common Winter Heating Problems

Did you know the average winter temperature in the Pittsburgh area is about 30 degrees? In fact, in January, the average temperature rarely gets above freezing. So it's no surprise that for residents and businesses in our area, having a steady and dependable heating system tops the list when winter weather rolls around. During those winter months, your heating system is taxed each and every day. Knowing some of the most common heating system problems can help you anticipate issues so you can schedule a furnace repair as early as possible and prevent small issues from becoming major headaches.

Common Winter Heating System Problems

Dirty or Worn Filters

Your heating system circulates air through filters designed to trap dust and other particles. Oil furnaces typically have another filter to strain the oil as it leaves the tank. To avoid overworking your system and to keep the warm air moving, these filters need to be cleaned or replaced regularly. Some filters can be replaced easily - others require some know-how and special tools, and are best left to a furnace repair specialist.Technician checks furnace

Pilot Light Problems

Most furnaces rely on a pilot light to trigger the heating mechanism. If your pilot light is out, your furnace won't be able to warm the air. Pilot light failure can be due to a clogged fuel line, a problem with the light's electronic ignition, or even exposure to a draft.

Blower Issues

If you hear your furnace "click" on but you're not getting any hot air, it could be your blower. Sometimes, a blower can be repaired by replacing a damaged part, but often, replacing the entire blower unit is more cost-effective, and it can even help your furnace run more efficiently.

Frozen Pipes

Steam radiators can do a great job of heating your spaces, but if the pipes of coils wind up freezing over, the entire system can stop working. Plus, you'll be at an increased risk of burst pipes - and that means major leaks. Having your steam radiator checked at the first sign of trouble is the best way to avoid major headaches.

Furnace Repair When You Need It

Having a dependable Pittsburgh heating and cooling company on your side can provide you with a lot of peace of mind, knowing you have expert help to keep your system running smoothly no matter the weather and no matter the time of day. If your heating system breaks down, we're ready to help. Call Stahl Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning at 412-273-1000 for furnace repair services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.