Holiday Plumbing Problems

Holiday Plumbing Problems

The holidays bring plenty of festive excitement – parties, visitors and gifts make this time of year a favorite with our clients — and our own friends and family, too. All that fun can result in big problems for your plumbing, though. From clogged toilets to overstuffed and broken garbage disposals, these are the most common problems experienced during the holiday season.

Visitors Lead to Clogged Toilets

Lots of party guests make for a fun and festive night, but can also lead to clogged plumbing. Guests who flush baby wipes, sanitary napkins and other items can end up clogging your bathroom plumbing and result in a visit from a plumber. Make sure there is plenty of toilet tissue available if you are having a party, and keep baby wipes out of the bathroom, just in case.

Broken Garbage Disposal

When your disposal breaks, your pipes clog up and then water will not drain down from the sink. Guests who are trying to be helpful and clean up could inadvertently overfill your disposal and make it difficult or impossible to drain your sink. Designate a table or location for used dishes and put one person in charge of the disposal. They need to understand which foods can and can’t go in – and need to know not to overstuff the system, either.

Hot Water Heater Woesdamage from a leaky pipe

Those overnight guests could lead to an increase in your water heater use – and put your existing heater to the test. One common issue that arises during the holidays more than any other time involves increased strain on the water heater and eventual breakage.

Plumbing problems are more common during the holidays than any other time of year; and with a house full of guests, they also need to be addressed swiftly. If you need us for one of these issues or any other holiday plumbing emergency, we’re here for you! Contact us right away at the first sign of trouble and we’ll be there for you.