Drain Gurgling: What You Need to Know

Drain Gurgling: What You Need to Know

Kitchen Sink PlungerAre funny sounds coming from your drains? Don't ignore these sounds. A gurgling drain means business, but the good news is that there's help available from your neighborhood emergency plumbing service in Pittsburgh, PA. So, even if the water releases from the drain while it's making noises, you still need to call for service.

Read on to learn more about what noisy drains mean and how to fix the problem.

Slow-Forming Clogs

Although it seems like clogs appear without warning, many drain clogs develop over time, and they don't make their presence a secret. Instead, they announce their presence in the form of drain gurgling. When this happens, the water's releasing through the drainpipe, but not fast enough. The clog isn't so big that it's causing a backup, but it's not making it easy for water to flow down the pipes.

Solution: First, try using either a toilet plunger or a sink plunger, depending on where the clog is located. If this doesn't work, use a drain auger. When all else fails, call your local plumber for drain cleaning services.

Blocked Drain Vents

These are the vent stacks you see on your roof. Occasionally, they become blocked from outside debris. Wind and rain cause the vents to clog, but the vents are also prime real estate for squirrels, mice, birds, and other critters. The drain vent is responsible for releasing sewer gases and preventing them from building up in your home's drain pipes. When the vents become blocked, this produces the gurgling sound.

Solution: If you're not afraid of getting on the roof, you can inspect the drain vent for signs of blockage. However, it's better to call for emergency plumbing repair service, so you don't risk harming yourself climbing onto the roof.

Main Sewer Line Backup

This is the most serious of all situations that cause drains to gurgle. It's also the source of many emergency plumbing calls. The most recognizable sign of the mainline clog is when you flush the toilet or release water in the sink, and other drains in the home begin to gurgle. They may even produce water bubbles, or in the most serious cases, raw sewage comes up from the drain.

Fixing SinkSolution: You need more than an emergency toilet plumber for this problem. You need specialized drain and sewer plumbing services for this job.

Why Drain Gurgles Require Immediate Attention

Sure, no one wants to pay high emergency plumber prices for a clogged drain. However, the longer you wait to get plumbing service, the higher the price is likely to be. Same-day plumbing service doesn't have to be expensive, especially when you hire plumbers who don't charge extra for 24-hour plumbing service. Do yourself a favor and get that drain looked at right away to save money.

Do you need emergency plumbing and drain in Pittsburgh, PA? Make sure you call the best plumbers with a reputation for excellent customer service, outstanding workmanship, and the promise to stand behind their jobs. Contact Stahl Plumbing at 412-273-1000 for quality drain cleaning services.