Drain Repair and the Associated Myths

Drain Repair and the Associated Myths

Professional Plumber in Pittsburgh, PAWith the proliferation of life hacks and other misinformation on the internet, people think that dealing with anything is easy. In fact, some people just watch a few videos, or follow one video closely, and think they can be an expert in subjects ranging from advanced neurosurgery and car repairs to rocket science and plumbing. Unfortunately, many of the people on the internet aren't experts in the field they are exploring, and, if you take their plumbing advice, you could end up causing more damage and spending more money in the long run. Here are some myths about drains and their repairs.

Safe Drain Cleaners

It's understandable when your drain is clogged that you just want an easy way to deal with the problem. However, liquid drain cleaners aren't completely safe. Not only can they be toxic to you and your family, but they also may corrode pipes and create environmental problems as they make their way through the sewer system. If you need to deal with a clog, your best bet is a plunger or a relatively inexpensive, reusable auger.

'Flushable' Wipes

It says flushable in the name, but don't put these in the toilet. These wipes are not built like toilet paper, so they don't break down in the same way. Instead, they get into the pipes and clog up your system. Referring to them as flushable is a marketing scheme; don't be fooled. Put these wipes in the wastebasket and keep your toilet drain clog-free.

Hot Water and Grease

24 Hour Plumbers Pittsburgh, PASome people believe that the best way to get rid of grease in the sink is with hot water. Because it melts with the heat and flows down the drain, people think it continues to melt as it makes its way to the sewer. That's not the case. Once the surrounding water cools, the grease solidifies and sticks to the sides of the pipes, usually in a place that's too far for you to reach with a household snake. The grease traps hair and other debris and can create a clog that you'll need a professional to fix. Using cold water to chase the grease down the drain keeps it solid and allows it to float to the sewer.

Learn It on the Internet

Professionals go to plumbing schools and do apprenticeships. They get hands-on training in a safe environment where they can make mistakes. The same can't be said about videos on the internet. Don't let poor information guide you to a bad decision. Make sure you consult with a professional when your drain clogs. You'll save time, and, in the long run, you'll save money. If you need a plumber in Pittsburgh, PA, contact the experts at Stahl Plumbing and schedule an appointment. Visit https://www.stahlplumbingpittsburgh.com today.