Red Flags That Your Heat Pump Needs a Repair

Red Flags That Your Heat Pump Needs a Repair


Having a warm, heated home in the winter is easy to take for granted—until it no longer functions properly. The experts at Stahl Plumbing recommend keeping a close eye on your heat pump to watch for red flags that may indicate that your heat is no longer able to do its job effectively. Their knowledgeable and qualified experts are there to ensure that your home stays warm and cozy while minimizing stress and worry on your end. Since they’re available at any time of day, they make it easy to have your repairs, maintenance, or replacements done when they’re needed. Watch for these various indicators that something may be wrong with your heat pump, and call in the professionals if you suspect a problem.

Abnormal or excessive noises can mean that something isn’t functioning as it should with your heat pump. Rattling, groaning, squealing, or other mechanical sounds should raise a red flag.

Another main sign that something is wrong is decreased efficiency of your home’s heat. If your electric bills are creeping up, or you notice that your heat isn’t working as well in your home, it is time to have your heat pump checked out. If you can hear your heat working but things just feel colder than they should, that’s another red flag. Additionally, if your unit switches on and off at a high frequency, something is likely wrong with it. Rapid cycling can indicate various problems like dirt buildup, a malfunctioning thermostat, or a refrigerant leak.

Old age is another warning sign. If your heat pump is more than 15 years old, it might be time to replace the unit. Newer units will not only do a better job of evenly heating your home, they also are designed to be more energy-efficient to save you money.

If you notice problems with your heating, schedule a time for an inspection with the pros at Stahl Plumbing today so you can get your repairs or maintenance underway.