Signs of a Broken Underground Water Pipe

Signs of a Broken Underground Water Pipe

Water Pipes in LawnIf an underground water pipe breaks, or has a significant leak, it'll eventually cause minor and even major problems. Knowing what to look for when there is a broken underground water pipe will enable you to stop a real disaster that could damage your yard, driveway, foundation of your house, or even your neighbor's adjacent property. If you notice signs that things aren't quite right in your yard, it's important to call a local emergency plumber to find and fix the problem before it gets worse.

Signs of Underground Water Leaks

If your lawn is irrigated and you notice areas that aren't getting enough water, check the sprinkler heads to make sure they aren't damaged. If it's a broken water pipe underground, plumbing installation services will be able to track down where the leak is and repair it.

Standing Water in Your Yard

If you notice an area in your landscape that is unusually wet or spongy or has standing water in a low area, there's probably a broken underground water pipe. You should notify your utility provider immediately so they can turn off your water at the meter. This will shut off all the water to your house, so you also need to call the local emergency plumbing services to repair the pipe as soon as possible.

Moldy or Mossy Areas

The landscape around your house can silently alert a diligent person about water problems. If you notice an area in the lawn that is moldy, or mossy, with dryer conditions in the surrounding area, odds are you have a broken underground water pipe. You should call a plumber to find where the broken pipe is and fix it before it causes major problems, such as a pothole or sinkhole. If the soft ground caves in near your house it could cause major damage to your foundation. If the area is near a paved driveway, it could cause the pavement to heave or crack, causing a separate expense for that repair.

Drop in Water Pressure

Underground Broken Water Pipe

There can be many reasons for a drop in water pressure. If the low water pressure is isolated to one faucet, you might be able to figure it out on your own, but if water pressure is low at every fixture, it can be tracked down more easily by a plumbing installation contractor.

Other Signs of Water Problems

If water is entering your basement or crawl space, there is probably a broken water pipe near your foundation. Another problem might be dirt or air coming out of your faucets. This can also be caused by problems other than a broken water pipe, but a professional plumber is your best bet for a quick solution. Some underground broken water pipes that are under pressure can make sounds that you might not hear if you don't spend much time in your yard. If you hear a hiss in the grass, it might be a snake, but it could be a cracked water pipe letting off pressure. Splashing sounds might be heard if the pipe isn't buried too deep, and the leak has made a cavity around the broken pipe. For plumbing installation in Pittsburgh, PA, call Stahl Plumbing for emergency services, repairs, or new heating and cooling service.