Fix Your Leaking Faucets and Pipes

Fix Your Leaking Faucets and Pipes

As a part of the Pittsburgh plumbing scene, Stahl plumbers know that a leaking faucet or running toilet is far more expensive than the cost of a having a Pittsburgh plumbing technician repair it.

Water in Pittsburgh costs about one cent per gallon. Now that may not seem like a lot, but that one faucet, if dripping only 20 drips per minute, will waste 694 gallons of water per year. More importantly, it will drip 28,800 times per day – that is a lot of wear and tear on the faucet. In fact, it is likely that as the drip continues, it will quicken and waste more water each day and ultimately damage the faucet beyond repair.

Moreover, broken and dripping faucets can cause damage to sinks, tubs and showers. Water may also damage tile walls that are expensive to repair. Don’t leave that leaky faucet leaking! Call Stahl plumbing to stop the leak before you waste more money.

Sometimes, you may notice a spot on a wall or an area of your house has a strange musty smell. Perhaps hardware floors are swelling or tiles in the bathroom are buckling. If so, you may have a leak in the walls of your home. Often, these conditions signal leaking pipes. Left unfixed, home and business owners can face costs many times that of a repair.

The most damaging result of leaking pipes within walls is the occurrence of black mold. Black mold is very dangerous to infants and the elderly, those with diseases such as COPD and asthma, or folks with allergies. Black mold remediation is very expensive. Entire sections of drywall need to be removed along with any insulation. Just a small section of wall repair can cost hundreds of dollars.

If you suspect a leak in your walls or floors call the premier Pittsburgh Plumbing company – Stahl Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning at 412-273-1000412-273-1000. Services are available 24/7.